Change voting to voting for change

The Kenyan citizens appear to have the most rights in comparison to our neighbours’. Being citizens of the country we are entitled to certain fundamental rights that are necessary for our livelihood but we as Kenyans have totally redefined and transformed the meanings to sing a different tune. This redefining starts from the top of our cream to the sludge of our under-layer. Only in Kenya is where it would be of thunderous extreme sense if a mother would blame the government for her dinner burning.
Voting is one of the most over emphasized right in the African nations. “Constitutional right” they call it after the end of their government feeding program. The same right has led to countless wrangles in our courts and has clogged the judicial system in them all, hopelessness is never an agenda as long as vying for the government feeding program is the agenda, petition for last elections down to the day before the next elections, others practically celebrating being in office for a month or two before the next elections, all in the glory of the John 3:16 in the Kenyan politics bible, “it is our time to eat”
We vote for “A change we want in the country” but is it the change we need? The celebrated posters promise the heaven, a golden age, and the merging of the earth and the heavens, which never seems to go as far as the posters design, colour and framing. It is indeed mirthful to even think we as a country don’t hold a Kenyan dream and the few lucky to get the opportunity embrace Uncles Sam’s vices and opinions in terms of reveries as opposed to the rest of us who dwell on hallucinations of officers slamming the doors down at our homes in the anthem of “what you’re gonna do when they come for you?” in the governments manifesto, a key promise was to equip and modernize our security forces. The statement on the poster never mentioned the details to what our forces would be equipped with, jewellery, “water” all the same and not to forget the hampers for fighting terror down town. According to Ipsos Synovate, majority of Kenyans have lost confidence in the government, most asking is this “kusema na kutenda” really coming through.
From a critical point of view of things the government has amazed us on its performance, two years down the line without any over expectations in mind. The “applause” will be endless, put into consideration, the track record already established. The change we hoped for as Kenyans was a mind blowing one, given for a fact that the so called digital regime was at hand. The mind blowing part is there, no doubt, only that we never imagined it to be through grenades and IEDs’ in our buses. We expected showers of crisp cool rain that raises the earthy smell from our soil in terms of improvements, the kinds of improvements to give pride of being Kenyan, only that we never thought it to be a bullet shower in our churches and endless proposals, engagements and marriages to the bare ground to save our own skin if there were no IEDs’ on the prayer request to burn and uplift.
The ultimate unveiling of the promised increased employment opportunities and funding through the youth funding kitty has been done justice, however the process of getting the funding involves countless confirmatory document submission and several trips to the authorities and languishing at the chief’s office seeking letters acknowledging that you are a Kenyan, even though they demand for identity cards initially. Seems the opportunities came through for the youngsters on music festival stages under the objective of “The next Lupita” that seem to be getting all the “otongolos” the feeding tenants have to offer, literary.
The game of chairs and finger pointing, even with delegation of power, a Governor will feel privileged to stand and ask for the national governments intervention yet they stand to address themselves as self-proclaimed “presidents” of their counties at the slightest mention of funding and finances. The nation was meant to believe to be voting for a body that is in the front row to enforcing quality judicial execution. No disappointment when hard working drivers are charged a fine and later baptised as a bond of 5 million each for recklessness and failing to prevent murder, which raises questions of the function of our intelligence unit, as terrorist are granted bale and walk away scotch free and we claim to be fighting terror.
It is of extreme rhetorical emancipation when our security magnitude does not measure up to that of a terror group, a new freedom for the police, freedom to allow competition. Preposterous to side with states that have random abductions of a gender and the government seems not be apprehensive about the act. Show me your allies and I will tell you who you are, who you become is more like it. All this is in the power vested into a vote, a single ballot that wields all the power or is it just too bulky a responsibility in the hands of incapable minds to comprehend the magnitude of it. We all stand to learn from one another, and we can pick what suits as best, long as we still play hide and seek with terror in the country all at the cost of our own vices. The tenants for the Government feeding program will always have a common trait they take up from the seeming soon to be fit worthy opponents in terror. Now you see me…..


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Another verdict at hand.

Anderson Cooper 360

A grand jury is expected to decide this week whether a police officer in Staten Island, New York will face criminal charges in the death of Eric Garner. The encounter occurred last July when Garner was stopped for allegedly selling loose cigarettes and put in a chokehold. Garner is asthmatic and could be heard on amateur video gasping and repeatedly saying that he could not breathe. Randi Kaye has the latest on the case.

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